We offer the newest and most up to date product in the Kamloops area. Our Gutter machine produces a continuous (seamless) aluminum gutter which measures 5 inches across the top, 4.75 inches deep, with a 2.5 inch bottom. Meaning that this gutter can capture and hold a large volume of water. Kamloops does not experience high annual rainfall but it does occasionally experience significant precipitation over short periods of time. This gutter performs well under such conditions. The gutter has an attractive ‘2- step profile (As shown on our home page). You can expect your new gutter system to provide trouble free water diversion for many years. For assurance and peace of mind, we warranty that our new gutter installations will be free of leaks and defects due to materials and/or workmanship for 2 full years.


In addition to installing gutters in Kamloops, Roofline Metalworks  also installs both aluminum soffit and fascia cover. Installing these products increases the lifetime of your wooden fascia and dramatically cleans up and brightens the appearance of your roofline. More practically, these products eliminate the need for repetitive painting and regular maintenance of these areas.


Roofline Metalworks offers effective gutter cleaning services. Keeping your gutters clear of leaves, dirt and other debris is essential to the proper functioning of your gutter system. We recommend having your gutters cleaned at least once per year. If you have nearby trees shedding leaves onto your roof, your gutters may require cleaning in both the spring and fall. 

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